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It was somewhat comical to see the little sticker on the back of the headstock essentially bragging about being inspected and set up at the factory! Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. Uss call to M.

One of Epiphone's greatest contributions to music - an instrument that any serious guitarist should have in their arsenal. Review Snapshot by PowerReviews. From Bass lines, to sweet chording. RUB07 2, I cannot see using a ES Live when I can use this one instead. Skinny 'vintage' style bridge doesn't fit threaded stud centers.

Compare prices, make an offer, get a deal on an Epiphone Casino Reissue. Ships from within United States. Gqryk0bcupxuxywric6t. Mix - Limited Edition John Lennon Epiphone Casino USA Collection (Kalamazoo specs) + demoYouTube. Body Electric Guitars like the Epiphone Elitist Casino at Musician's Friend. rubber stamped in the USA instead of set up in the USA as Epiphone said.

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